My Thoughts on Books Versus Films

In my hometown, I work at an independent bookstore. Not only is it a magical place to shop, it’s a magical place to work. We sell new and used books with a full inventory of both. In addition to books, though, we sell a rotating selection of knick-knacks: canvas bags, chocolates, cards, you name it.


Since I work at a bookstore, many people assume I’m a book snob. That’s not me. I don’t claim to be “well-read” (whatever that means), and I know I read less than I should. Sadly, time isn’t on my side. Of all conversations that I despise, my least favorite in the world starts with, “the book was better than the movie.”


That response is so overused at this point that it doesn’t even have meaning anymore. There are plenty of books that I prefer to their movie counterparts, but I don’t even try to compare the two on a conversation level.


On that note, books and movies are not the same. They can’t really be compared at all. A book is words on a page; a movie is pictures on a screen.


When I was growing up, I asked my mom once why people don’t appreciate some shows the same way they do books. I don’t mean The Office or goofy shows like that, but there are some really intense shows that require character analysis and deep thought to fully understand them. See: Sherlock or Game of Thrones.


So many movies are beautiful works of art that deserve attention. Movies that investigate the human experience and society are just as important as books that do the same thing. If you love movies, love on without shame.


When I tell someone that I work at a bookstore, it’s not so that they’ll think I’m smart or well-read. I just want to talk about something I love. I love watching movies just as much as the next person. Give me a thoughtless comedy, and I’ll laugh like anyone else.


Liking books doesn’t make you smart, and liking movies doesn’t make you dumb. We’re all just navigating art and entertainment down a blurred line. See the movies you want, and read the books you want! Enjoy and appreciate every single one of them. However, don’t shy away from stepping into your local bookstore. It couldn’t go wrong.