My Cat Isn't Just an Animal

After my freshman year of college, I knew that I would want to adopt a cat as soon as it is possible. At my university, pets aren’t allowed in on-campus housing. I knew I would be able to move to an apartment that allows pets.

Sure enough, my junior year, I moved off-campus with my friend. We agreed to get a cat. I have always chosen to adopt and not shop, so I knew that would not change. When I started to think about adopting, I was very nervous. I was scared that I would mess up with the cat. I was scared that I would accidentally let her out. I was scared that I would not have enough time to love on her.

Finally, though, I decided to start looking around. I visited the Humane Society in my hometown. When I went to the cat wing, I asked for an older, loving cat to meet. The volunteer took me to the adult cat room. She pointed to two cats - Hannah and Gloria. Though Hannah was really sweet, I clicked with Gloria. There was only one thing wrong with her - the name. She definitely is not a Gloria. She is definitely a Hazel.

I left, had lunch to think and came back to fill out paperwork. They told me that she had no illnesses and was not spayed. I quickly planned to have her spayed. I talked to Hazel the whole way home. She meowed back at me and we made it home safely.

Since she has been at my apartment, we have become inseparable. Coming home is so much more fun when she is there to welcome me. She loves to play and be petted. We have had our ups and downs, but we made it through.

I would take my cat with me everywhere if I could. When I adopted her, I agreed to take care of her. When I adopted her, I vowed to make selfless choices. When I adopted her, I took on responsibility that is larger than myself.

I have heard people refer to pets as “just an animal.” I have to disagree. My cat is my responsibility. I love her with all of my heart.

I cannot imagine life without my cat. I am so happy that I chose to adopt an older cat. Every cat is complicated, but I love having those complications in my life.