A Letter to my Self-Righteous Friend

Now I realize that you just can’t help yourself when you constantly put other people down because you truly believe that your own actions and morals are superior to others. While we are friends, I cannot confide in you because your superiority complex keeps you from being understanding, comforting and giving advice. I know that you are unaware of how entitled you act, but at times it can even hurt you because other people perceive it as being spoiled. You always see my hard times as an opportunity for you to boast that you are doing better than me or have more than me. You are the type of person that is so self-righteous in your beliefs that not even facts can change your mind. Your narrow mindedness is extremely frustrating to deal with especially since you choose to argue until you feel like you have “won.” I realize that you have no concept of compromise, and I can see how this will inhibit you in the future, but as I previously stated, there is no way to talk to you because no matter what you believe that your way is the only way. It hurts me that you have no regard for my feelings, yet I have to tiptoe around every word while having a conversation with you. The second that you feel threatened, it is as if a landmine goes off, and you have to defend yourself to everyone around you. You have become a master at “playing the victim” in situations that are not going your way. Your ability to control the atmosphere of the room is astounding and impressive even.  The amount of drama that you sustain in your life is truly unhealthy; however, you would not know how to function without it. At times, I find myself questioning why I remain being your friend when there is not a comfortable topic of conversation. Let’s be honest the small talk gets old.

With all this, I would just like to say…

Honestly, I want to thank you for giving me the chance to choose to be the bigger person every day. With every incident, I am given a choice on how to react and respond. I choose to take the high road, and I choose not to feed into your behavior.  I perceive this challenge as a chance to make myself a better person and to learn to better control myself. Since I have known you, I have learned to think before I speak, and to choose my battles wisely. You have helped me to see what is actually worth fighting for and what is better left as water under the bridge. I have always been raised to be humble and kind. I’ve been taught to never dwell on minor inconveniences and to “put my big girl panties on.”  There are always people that are worse off than you at any given moment and I wish that you would step outside of your bubble once in a while and see that. I suggest that you try to walk in someone else’s shoes for a day. Everyone’s past has shaped them into the person they are today. Everyone is so unique that there is no clear right or wrong. Respect goes a long way in this world. You do not have to love someone to respect them. Respect is a common decency that everyone deserves. No matter how old we become, we should never lose sight of the importance of treating others in the way we would want to be treated.


Your Observant Friend