A Letter To My Much Older Brother

Dear Big Brother,


I want to start off by saying I miss you. I miss you every day and I have since the day you went to college. I missed you ten years later when I went to college and I miss you today a year after that. Sure, when we’re both home I don’t miss you, but in the last 11 years how many times have we both been home and had nothing to worry about? When was the last time one of us didn't walk into mom and dad’s house well past dinner time only to see the other typing away at the kitchen table trying to meet a deadline of some kind? When was the last time we got to enjoy each other's company without life getting in the way?

I miss the days when I was your bratty baby sister and you were my mean, but secretly loving and caring, older brother. I miss the days when all I wanted was to be just like you, even if you were a boy. I miss a lot from the time where being a kid was all I had to worry about and being a football playing high school student was all you had to worry about, but here we are.

I also want to tell you thank you. It seems like you were home every time I needed you. You drove me everywhere I needed to be and were on time picking me up more often than our own dad was. You fed me when I was either too young or too broke to feed myself and mom and dad weren't home to cook dinner. You were always there. Every time I cried over a fight with a friend or with mom and dad you were there. You were there for very break up and for every time I thought I couldn't manage anymore. You were there.

Thank you for being my protector. You were a third parent when I was young enough to need one and a friend now that I’m old enough to want one. You never treated me as a burden, even though I know I must have been. Thank you for admitting to not being perfect, so I could learn from your mistakes. We all make them, but it takes a real man to admit to your faults and explain them to the people you love. I have made my own mistakes, but thanks to your lessons I have only made my own. Thank you for being the oldest, so I didn't have to wait 10 years in order to meet you.

Most of all, I want to tell you that I love you and that I don’t know what I would ever do without you.


With Love,

Your Baby Sister