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With the start of a new year, everyone is beginning to set new goals for the remainder of the year. These goals vary in topic from health and exercise to finance. These goals are meant to help individuals better themselves throughout a 12-month span. I think setting goals and working towards them is great, but I feel like we often get caught up in our pasts even when we’re striving to move forward. Your past is meant to be left in the past. We have to quit beating ourselves up over things that already happened and are now out of our control. You can’t change something that you have already done, so why bother worrying about it endlessly?


Leave your past. Don’t let it affect your day to day thinking. Don’t let it creep up on you when you don’t want it to. Don’t let it govern your future. It’s okay to acknowledge the past, but then move on from it. Don’t dwell in it. Start each day knowing that it is a new opportunity. Focus on your future instead. That is something that you can still have an influence on. It’s only January; you’ve got plenty of time to change the trajectory of your year.


If goal setting is your thing, start now. Getting started early will help you be more successful in the long run. It allows you to benefit from your goals longer as well. If goal setting isn’t your thing, that’s totally fine too. Just choose some areas where you’d like to improve and work towards it each day. However, when you wake up each day, remember to leave the past in the past. Don’t allow it to follow you. Choose to leave it in the past and move on from it.


Sometimes the past will get in the way of our futures, and we have to stop tolerating that. We have to do better than that. It’s 2020, and this year, we are letting things go. We are forgiving people, and we are moving on. No one has time for grudges or reliving mistakes. Our years on Earth go by quickly, so don’t allow the past to rob you of more moments here.

Romans 5:8  I attend the University of Tennessee at Martin as a Psychology major. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends, reading books, and taking naps. 
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