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The Importance of Communication in Relationships

I don’t know about everyone else, but for me, communication is one of the biggest keys to a successful relationship. Not being able to communicate well with your partner can lead to stress, frustration and even trust issues. If you can’t talk openly and honestly with your partner about something as simple as your feelings, how are you going to talk to them about the big stuff? I hear more and more stories about couples who won’t communicate their problems and just avoid each other instead, and – in some cases – even lie about the issue at hand. That only makes matters worse.

When trying to communicate with your partner, it’s important to be honest with them. If they ask you about something that they think is going on, it’s best to tell the truth instead of lie. These conversations can be stressful, but they need to happen. It will serve both you and your partner better in the long run; a relationship based on lies isn’t a healthy one. If your significant other sees that they can get away with lying once, chances are they will continue to do it, no matter the circumstances. Honesty builds trust, which is another huge key in relationships.

Personally, if I can’t trust someone, I don’t want to be in a relationship with him. Trust is the foundation of a strong relationship. Do you really want to share your life with someone you can’t tell your secrets to or someone who you can’t trust enough to go hang out with his friends and know he’ll be faithful to you? I can tell you firsthand, it isn’t fun. I know how it feels to be that girl that can’t trust her boyfriend. It creates tension and unhappiness for both parties, which makes for an unhealthy relationship. It’s best to start a new relationship with honesty and trust being two important factors for the both of you. Without the one, you can’t have the other.

With that being said, my advice to you is simple: If you find yourself trying to start a new relationship with someone you can’t trust, run for the hills, no matter how much you may like this person. I promise you will be happier without them instead of always wondering if they are telling you the truth or not. I know that sometimes we find out a little too late that our partner is not honest, and that’s a whole different matter in itself. These issues can sometimes be resolved, but it’s no walk in the park. More often than not, the damage cannot be undone or forgotten. However, every case and every relationship is different. So if this is you, don’t completely lose hope. With time and effort, trust can be rebuilt. Of course, that is if you are willing to do the work.

These are some ways to improve communication in your relationship:

1. Listen to what your partner has to say.

I don’t mean just act like you’re listening, either – I mean really listen and hear what they are telling you. Try to understand what they want and how they feel. Give them the floor, and wait for your turn to speak.  

2. Focus on the subject at hand.

Don’t bring up past mistakes or issues, as that will only start an argument.

3. Wait for the right time to have a conversation about something that is bothering you.

It’s best to avoid it when one or both of you are in a rush or if one of you is upset.

4. Approach the situation calmly, and don’t attack the other.

If you instantly start pointing fingers and placing blame, the conversation will not go anywhere.

5. Talk in person.

Sometimes, when something is on your mind, this is easier said than done. Waiting until you are face-to-face makes the situation so much easier because you can physically see the other person’s reactions and won’t just assume they are mad when they’re being short or distant.  

Communication is such a huge part of our day-to-day lives. When done correctly, it helps us understand how the other person is feeling and what they are thinking. Being open and honest with your partner creates a foundation of trust, which is crucial to any healthy relationship. All it takes is both of you being willing to work on communicating as a couple.

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