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I’m Homesick, and It’s OK

College is something that I always looked forward to when I was growing up. I always wanted to go further away than just a couple hours, and coming to Tennessee was a big change for this small town Kansas girl. But, just to frustrate my mother, I never really told her that I miss home. And it’s not that I miss home in an “I’m moving back right this minute,” way, but more of a “Mom, can you make my bed up so I can come home for a long weekend?” way. Coming to school has been such a fun time, but as soon as it gets cold, I find myself longing for my own bed, my own house and my own family for a little longer than a day and a half.

There are so many great things about Martin that it’s always hard to make the eight-hour trip home. But, as soon as I see the Welcome to Kansas sign, I get more and more excited for the next seven minutes to pass before I’m at my doorstep. My mom is always there with a hug, the dogs are happy and my dad is never-failing with a smile and a “Happy you’re home, bugaboo.” I go to sleep in my room, in my bed, with not a care in the world. Home-cooked meals are always a plus, and my mom takes the day off sometimes just to sit around and talk with me. Going home doesn’t always come at a convenient time, but it’s always worth it in the end.

I’ve never been one to get homesick. Ever. I’ve taken trips for a week at a time and haven’t thought twice about actually how much I miss home. But, moving out of my mother’s comfortable driving range has had its challenges. I’m on year two of Martin, and I love everything and every opportunity I’ve had, but that doesn’t mean that home isn’t where your mom is. I’ve missed out on a lot by coming here, and some days I just want to go back to where I was, not missing a minute of my siblings’ senior year of high school. I know they understand, but being home is so much easier than a FaceTime call and missing the smell of meals I wish I could cook for myself. I miss the comfort of knowing I’m home in Kansas, so until I’m there for a long while for Winter Break, Martin will just have to do.

It’s November now, and the leaves are falling while it’s getting colder. I’m more homesick when it’s cold, and I’ve always wondered why. Maybe it’s because I know that winter is here to stay and that my mom isn’t right down the hall to tell me I need to put socks on. Maybe it’s because I actually miss her chicken and noodles, messing around at the dinner table with my dad and siblings, or curling up with our puppies to take a good nap. Home is, and always will be, where my family is.


Photo Courtesy of Sam Beasley on Unsplash.


Sport Business major at UTM. Puppo enthusiast and active dog mom. Alpha Delta Pi.
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