I’m Obsessed with HGTV, and I’m Not Sorry: A Power Ranking of the Best HGTV Shows

When I was younger, I hated watching HGTV. My mom would have it on in the kitchen, and I would throw a semi-fit, begging to watch literally anything but HGTV. Now, I come home and my box is automatically set to HGTV, and it seldom moves from it. What happened? I guess I could say that I grew up, that I enjoy watching strangers design luxury houses that I’ll never have the budget for or that I’m obsessed with Chip and Jo. Honestly, the last one is the most accurate, but I digress. There really isn’t a show that I won’t watch, but there are some I’d rather fall asleep to than actually watch in my free time. Here’s the breakdown, and maybe you’ll see why I’m obsessed, too.

#1: Fixer Upper

For the sake my sanity, I have to list Fixer Upper first. I know when it’s on, I’ve seen almost every episode, I subscribe to their magazine and I’ve read their books. Chip and Jo are the power couple of the year, and I look forward to Tuesdays because that’s their day. HGTV should devote every day of the week to them, but I know I’m not that lucky. Everything about Fixer Upper speaks to me. I have become a person obsessed with Jo’s new paint colors, and I’m so excited about their line at Target that’s launching on November 5th. On top of everything I love about their endeavors, I love what they stand for and who they are. Charismatic, fun to watch, creative and inspiring all come to mind when I think about Chip and Jo. Fixer Upper made me want “the worst house in the best neighborhood,” as Jo says in the opening credits. I can honestly say that if I had the money to move to Waco and have them design my house, I would’ve gone yesterday! This show is my spirit animal, and it forever will be my favorite.

#2: Property Brothers

Okay, so I love Chip and Jo, but there are other shows I enjoy, too. I can’t forget about Jonathan and Drew from Property Brothers! No, I don’t think they’re attractive, but they are fun to watch. The “brains and beauty” that they bring to the table as a real estate agent and interior designer often blow me away. I’m not one to say that I want every wall knocked down, but here they are, seeing the potential behind those walls and changing my mind! Some of the houses that Drew chooses really end up showing what all Jonathan is capable of accomplishing. All in all, I enjoy Property Brothers because they can transform some pretty big messes into dream homes.

#3: Love It or List It

Only one more show speaks to me on a personal level. Well, maybe not personal, but definitely a spiritual level. Love It or List It has to be considered television genius, and not just because it features a sassy British-accented woman, Hillary, or the hilarious guy who’s always too optimistic, David. Love It or List It is so interesting because these people’s houses are their pride and joy, and they often hate them for reasons I laugh at. It’s such a clever way to show people that with a little TLC, their home could be transformed into their dream home. Hillary, the one who is the boss behind remodeling the existing homes, has to be one of the most interesting people on the network. Sassy and sometimes ruthless with her honesty, Hillary honestly could be me in the future, or in my past life, I haven’t decided yet. Whenever they’re on, I can’t help but watch what all they’re getting into on that episode. Who doesn’t love a little drama between the people who can’t decide whether they are going to love it or list it? This show keeps me entertained, even on my most hyper days.

HGTV will be the death of me, I’m sure of it. Even my boyfriend gets annoyed with how it’s the only channel on in my house, but I truly don’t see the problem. Call me a dreamer, but every episode of these three shows has me looking into another project. I can only hope that my future forever home will have half of the interior design features and elegance that these shows bring to the table for their clients!

Photo courtesy of Pexels