Greek Life…. Why You Should Do It?

Greek life was never even on my radar when I was looking at colleges and extracurricular activities, but here I am working my tail off for a sisterhood that has become my whole heart. There are so many reasons why I firmly believe that everyone should be involved in some sort of Greek life, whether it be an honor society, music fraternity or sorority, professional sorority or fraternity or Panhellenic organization. I am going to share with you my top three reasons to take part in Greek life.


1) You are surrounded by like-minded peers.

All Greek organizations, no matter what type, have members who have similar goals and interests. For the sorority I am in, we all have an interest in agriculture and we want to share those interests with the community. Many of my friends are also involved with Greek honors societies and, obviously, grades are highly ranked on their list of important things.


2) Friend groups that last a lifetime.

The people you meet in these organizations are likely to be the ones you are writing wedding invitations to. These are the people who will be living it up with you after graduation. Also, these are the people you will be chilling with at alluni events.


3)Connections are so plentiful.

Being involved with Greek life can lead to so many connections. Past participants in these organizations could be your future employers or they could even be the person that helps you land your dream career.


So when you are looking through the various organizations the UTM offers, take a second to think about the opportunities Greek life could offer you. Take a step outside of your comfort zone and go talk to the ladies and gentlemen wearing those Greek letters. Who knows… they may be the people who end up as your colleagues one day.