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Games You Have Probably Never Heard of That You Should Try Out

I have always been the kind of girl who loves and enjoys playing card, dice and board games. Honestly, I’m up for any game as long as it is not a video game. By far my favorite board game is Clue and my favorite card game is Phase 10. Over the holiday break, I was introduced to some new games that I had never seen, heard of or played before. If you are a kind of girl like me, I recommend you check these three games out!


Avocado Smash

This super fun and just adorable card game comes inside of an avocado! There are numbers on the cards from 1-15 with the cutest little avocados to represent the number on each card. Each player gets the same number of cards as you deal all of them out. Keeping your cards face down, you go around and flip over a card into the middle one by one. While you do this, regardless of what the actual number on your card is, you count upwards in order from 1-15. If you say the number “1” and flip over the number “1” then this is a smash and all players have to hit the table. Whoever hits the table last, gets all of the cards. There is also a smash card, so when it is laid down, you do the same thing. The winner of the game is whoever runs out of cards first.



This dice game is by far way more laid back than Avocado Smash; however, it is still a lot of fun. This game comes with different colored dice along with your traditional white dice. The object of the game is to mark out numbers on your personal card based off of the numbers you roll on your turn on all of the colors and off of the numbers on the white dice on your opponents’ turns. The trick is though, you can’t go back and mark off the 12 when you have already marked off the 11. You can’t go back on your numbers. Whenever two of the color choices are “locked”, the game is over and whoever has the most points wins!


Clue: Holiday Edition

As I mentioned before, Clue is my favorite board game. Although, over break I was introduced to the holiday edition of the game and it was so much fun. Our characters were elves, the rooms had to deal with Santa’s workshop, and the weapons were silly things like candy canes. Even though it was the same game essentially as the original, it was so much fun saying those funny and innocent names as the victim, scene of the accident and weapon of choice!


I am an Agriculture Communications Major with a Minor in English at the University of Tennessee at Martin (Class of 2021).
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