The Five Most Underrated Thanksgiving The Five Most Underrated Thanksgiving Dishes

When imagining all the delicious Thanksgiving foods, the most popular ones that probably come to everyone’s mind are the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls and pumpkin pie. These are Thanksgiving staples, and for good reason. They’re classics that pretty much everyone can agree on, and they definitely deserve the recognition they get. However, I want to shout out the less common Thanksgiving foods that I personally look forward to the most every year. Here are what I believe to be the top five most underrated Thanksgiving meal items:


1. Green Bean Casserole

Green bean casserole has always been one of my favorite holiday side dishes. It wasn’t until I got older, though, that I found out how many people actually hate it. I was shocked! Maybe it’s just because I really like vegetables to begin with, but I think this casserole is the perfect way to cut some of the starches and carbs from the meal while still sticking to tradition.


2. Baked Mac and Cheese

I don’t care what anyone else has to say, baked mac and cheese is the best kind of mac and cheese! There’s nothing worse than being served “mac and cheese” that’s really just some noodles in a bowl of cheese soup. All my friends disagree with me and prefer stove-top cooked pasta with a ton of cheese cause, but to me, the only real kind is baked in the oven with bread crumbs on top. Now, don’t get me wrong, I will happily eat any version of this dish. However, when it comes to Thanksgiving, I actually prefer the drier, crunchier version of this classic comfort food.


3. Stuffing/Dressing

Similar to green bean casserole, it wasn’t until I got older that I found out a lot of people don’t like dressing or stuffing. This is, by far, my favorite Thanksgiving food of all time! I don’t care if it’s cornbread or breadcrumbs, cooked inside or outside the bird or anything other way of preparing it, if there’s stuffing, I’m going back for seconds (and maybe even thirds). Also, I’m not above digging into a box of the cheap, store bought stuffing mix, I promise it’s just as good!


4. Pies That Aren’t Pumpkin

Now, I do admit that pumpkin pie is basically the embodiment of a good Thanksgiving meal, and I don’t think the holiday dinner would be complete without it. With that being said, there are so many other good pies that can be served along with it! Pumpkin pie is good, but it honestly does not beat a classic apple pie. Also, I know it’s not a pie, but pumpkin cheesecake is also a great addition to any Thanksgiving dessert ensemble.


5. Mulled Wine or Cider

Okay, maybe this is just a personal preference, but one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving dinner is the warm spiced wine and cider that my family always makes. It’s basically red wine or spiked apple cider that’s flavored with fresh spices like cinnamon sticks, cloves and star anise, and then kept in a slow-cooker all day until the flavors combine. It’s so warm and comforting, and it tastes like every winter holiday wrapped up into one drink.


Now, I’ve worked up an appetite thinking about all the delicious food that’s going to be served this Thursday! Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and have a great holiday season!!!