The Five Love Languages

Have you ever wondered what you were doing wrong in a relationship? Or why a certain relationship didn’t work out? Or even why your partner just doesn’t understand what you want them to do? In Gary Chapman’s books about love languages, he explains that we all speak and receive a different language. Understanding how you receive, give and show love is essential to making any relationship work, rather it’s with your parents, roommate or your special someone. Here are the five love languages Gary Chapman discusses in his books:


Words of Affirmation

This love language is all about words. Hearing and understanding the reasoning behind why someone loves you on a regular basis is essential. Compliments mean the most to you. Insults tear you down quite easily.


Acts of Service

When someone does something to help you out, it really leaves an impact on you if this is your love language. Simple things like taking out the trash can mean a lot. Laziness or creating more work from the other party in the relationship for you is detrimental to a relationship.


Quality Time

If this is your love language, you value undivided attention the most out of your relationships. You enjoy meaningful conversations and activities with others. When someone is distracted or doesn’t listen while they are with you it is extremely hurtful.



It is all about the thought and time put behind the present, not the price tag in this love language. Receiving gifts allow you to see your worth to the other person. When birthdays or anniversaries are forgotten though, it won’t be pretty.


Physical Touch

You are all about showing affection physically in this love language. Hugs, kisses, and holding hands in private and in public mean the most to you. Neglect or even abuse are hard to forgive.

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