The Difference a Teacher Can Make

Having an amazing teacher can make all the difference in the world for a student. I can tell you all about the teachers who had a positive impact on my life. I was lucky enough to attend a high school that had a plethora of amazing teachers. These teachers loved teaching, and it showed in their attitude and day-to-day actions. They loved being able to help students learn and grow as individuals. They supported their students in extracurricular activities inside and outside of school. They went above and beyond.


There was one specific teacher my senior year that I will never forget, though. One day, I asked one of my teachers if I could help her in her classroom instead of going to one of my study hall classes. It was loud in my study hall, and I didn’t have anything to do in there anyway. At the time, I just wanted out of my class. I also thought it would be fun to help her with some of her teacher responsibilities. Her class was one that I really enjoyed, and she was one of my favorite teachers anyway. Luckily, she agreed and got me moved to her class for that period.


I was signing up to help her for about an hour a day, but over time I began staying longer and longer. I had no idea that I was going to be gaining a mentor, a listener, a friend, an encourager and so much more. Over the course of 10 months, I learned so much from her. She quickly became someone I could trust and tell anything to. She would listen to me rant about my difficult classes and numerous senior-year struggles. She was our FCCLA sponsor, and she helped grow my passion of helping others. She gave me opportunities to build my leadership and public speaking skills. She cheered me up when I was having a rough day, and calmed me down when I was mad about a grade I made. We talked about what we were reading, and she recommended more books to me. We have laughed together, and we have cried together. She pushed me to do better and do more. She gave me guidance on possible career paths, and she encouraged me to do what I love in life. She never doubted me.


I’m forever thankful for Mrs. Rich and all that she did for me my senior year. It was because of her that I knew I could thrive at a university three hours away from home. She taught me to be positive in all situations and to remain true to myself. One of her popular sayings is “be you,” and to be me, I really had to learn who I was. She has helped mold me into the person I am today, and I appreciate the time and support she poured into me. I feel like teachers don’t receive the recognition they deserve sometimes. They are so much more than just a teacher. They take on several roles throughout the day in addition to their teaching responsibilities. The impact they can have is tremendous. We need to support them because they support us. If you have a great teacher or professor, tell them what they mean to you.