A College Girl's Guide to the Perfect Night In

Whether you’re hosting the girls to movies and vodka cranberries, or just relaxing on your own, we all need a few Friday nights when the closest thing to a cocktail dress you get is your favorite PJ shorts and that paper thick tee with your high school mascot fading off of the front. These nights are almost always fun and definitely a great mental health break from the normal stresses of college life. You only need a few things to make your night in the best night of the week, apart from the Taylor Swift karaoke and any and all Sandra Bullock movies, so kick back and get ready to turn your apartment into a spa, a movie theater and the bar from heaven all rolled into one.

The first key to a great night in is a good spa treatment. Let's get real: have you ever seen a sleepover scene without a facemask feature? Didn't think so. Freeman Beauty is the new go-to for all face masks. These aren’t your grandma’s mud masks either; Freeman Beauty prides themselves with having the newest and most effective ingredients while keeping their products easy to use and wonderfully scented. With tons of scents, colors and treatments to choose from, you can’t go wrong. And they’re totally snap story worthy.

Now that you have the perfect face mask, you just can’t forget the rest your perfect tan. L’Oréal Paris has a new self-tanner that will have even Gretchen Weiners feeling jealous through the screen. Mix that with the new hair products from Bed Head; you’ll have a better spa day than Princess Mia…and that’s saying something.

When you’re curling up with Legally Blonde on DVD, you’ll need some killer snacks. Sure you can be basic and eat popcorn, but the new candy HI-CHEW has out will kick the typical popcorn and Twizzlers right out of your movie routine. Once you have those and the Spindrift flavor of your choice in hand, you’re ready for the movie night of a lifetime. Bonus points if you use your seltzer drink as a mixer.

Following our Her Campus tried and true method to a perfect night in will definitely lead to some well-deserved relaxation. We love the products above and know you will, too. Once you are all ready to get back into the real world there are a few things we suggest mixing into your typical daily routine. Erin Condren life planners will get all your homework assignments, sorority duties and worksheets into one place. The planners are cute, small and perfect for the collegiette on the run. The next product we swear by is Steripod. This amazing pod clips onto your toothbrush and keeps it clean and sanitary, even in the grossness that is a college dorm room. Keeping your toothbrush clean will just be one less thing to worry about while working your booty off all day. Stay cute and clean with these products, and make sure to be rocking some Aéropostale jeans while doing so. Every girl on campus will wonder where you got the best denim ever and how you look so damn put together. Don’t worry… the Her Campus team won't spill your secret.


Photo courtesy of Pexels.