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Christmas Entertainment to Watch on Netflix

In case you haven’t heard, you don’t have to keep watching the same dry Christmas movies you’ve watched for your whole childhood. With Netflix, there are so many things you can watch that will put you in that Christmas spirit.


I’ve been working my way through the Christmas options. I don’t always want to watch movies, though. I always like to take time to watch Christmas episodes from The Office and Glee. I’m not excluding movies from this list, though.


Without further ado, here’s my list of great holiday TV shows and movies that are available on Netflix.


1. The Great British Baking Show: Holidays - I just got into The Great British Baking Show. It was just in time to discover their holiday season. Sadly, it’s only two episodes, but it’s so worth it. Some old bakers come back to experience life in the tent again, and it’s filled with holiday, sugary goodness.


2. The Holiday Calendar - This new Netflix original is a promising cheesy, magical Christmas movie. An artsy girl looking for love is really all a Christmas movie needs. I’m already excited.


3. Love Actually - Okay, okay. This movie isn’t new, but most of us didn’t grow up watching it. It’s not exactly a kids’ movie. My love for this movie is unmatched. The cast is full of Brits that can’t be beat. It’s one of those movies that is mostly happy, but it reminds you that all good things come with a little bad. Nonetheless, love actually is everywhere.


4. Princess Switch - I was so, so excited when I saw the trailer for this. I love Vanessa Hudgens, and I love twin switch movies. Technically, they aren’t twins, but they are identical, and they switch. This movie was just as good as I’d hoped.


All of these movies and shows are a super simple click away. These are just the ones to add to your Christmas traditions. I’ve started watching Love Actually every year since I discovered it. I hope you can find some new pieces to add to your holiday season.


I am a sophomore broadcast communications major and theatre minor at the University of Tennessee at Martin. When I’m not in class or participating in events on campus, I spend my time reading, doing yoga, working out, or petting my cats.
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