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Homecoming is such an exciting time when you’re in high school. It was one of my favorite weeks in the school year with all of the different dress up days, homecoming floats and especially, the football games. Homecoming was something that I thought stayed in high school. I was definitely proven wrong once I got to the University of Tennessee at Martin.

Homecoming at UTM is a whole different ball game compared to high school and, I would say, compared to most other colleges, too. Even though it’s only one week out of the entire year, students and faculty start preparation months in advance. It’s definitely a sight to see so many different people from campus supporting all of the events. So, if you missed out on homecoming this year, here are some highlights that will for sure make you want to go next year!


Rope Pull

When I first heard of rope pull, I was just thinking that college students play tug-of-war. Well, that would be putting it in the simplest terms. Rope pull is basically tug-of-war to the extreme. Sororities and fraternities begin practicing as soon as the school year starts in order to prepare for this special event in homecoming. They dig holes in the ground and try to pull a rope away, or even take tape from the opposing side. Even though there are other Greek events that go on during the week, rope pull definitely brings out a crowd, even if you are not involved in Greek life. Plus, I don’t know of any other school who does rope pull! So, it’s pretty neat having something unique to a little town like Martin, Tennessee.


Quad City

Quad City is such a neat experience. Our quad is already beautiful, but then you add in all different kinds of organizations and businesses around town, and it’s really something seeing the whole community come together like that. Almost every student organization offered on campus, and practically every business in the Marin area are represented with booths including food, games and other fun stuff to get you involved. You may even catch Chancellor Carver ziplining through the quad!


School Spirit

School spirit is something you can find just about anywhere. However, it really does give you a great feeling inside when you look around these Greek events during the week of homecoming, or even the football game, and see the whole community there. From all the returning alumni, to faculty, to students and family, everyone is there cheering UTM on! So, I encourage you to attend events during homecoming week next year if you didn’t have the chance this time. You won’t regret it!


I am an Agriculture Communications Major with a Minor in English at the University of Tennessee at Martin (Class of 2021).
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