The Best Choice I Made In High School

I firmly believe that the key factor in being a successful student is your extracurricular involvement. In high school and college alike, being involved in some organization is important. In high school, I looked for organizations and clubs that would help me build skills that would help me be a better college student.


The organization that did the most for me was Speech and Acting. Speech and Acting involved a group of students that prepared pieces which ranged from dramatic acting to prepared informative speeches who then travel to other schools on Saturdays to present their pieces against other pieces in the same category. The top six students are sent to a finals round, and then they are ranked sixth to first. Ideally, the team goes home with lots of trophies.


It sounds… bizarre. I know. I spent four years doing this. I spent four years writing and adapting pieces. I took those prepared events to other schools early on Saturday mornings to see if other people thought my work was good.


Speech and Acting taught me how to get up early on a Saturday morning, put on a suit, have a good breakfast and get on a school bus with a smile on my face. When I say early, I mean we woke up anywhere from four to five in the morning.


Speech and Acting taught me how to lead. I became an officer my sophomore year, and I learned how to handle my own work and events as well as other people’s. I became responsible for the team’s success, and that was a lot to manage.


Speech and Acting taught me how to manage my time and obligations. Even though I wasn’t required to go to every competition, I knew how important it was that I attend at least the vast majority. I learned how to get my homework done and be ready for competition all at once.


If there’s a Speech and Acting team at your school, I strongly recommend you get involved. Even if you’re a senior, it’s not too late. It’s a lot of work, but I had so much fun. It taught me so much. If your school doesn’t offer this team, talk to your principal! Since public speaking is such an important skill, schools welcome it.


Even if public speaking isn’t something you want to do in your free time, stop by and see what it’s like. You won’t regret it! Maybe you’ll even have a trophy or two by the end of it.