The Award Winning Tennessee Soybean Festival (A Little Late)

If you live in Martin, Tennessee or really anywhere around Martin then you know that the Tennessee Soybean Festival is probably the biggest and most exciting thing to happen in the town all year long. This award winning festival wrapped up in September, and if you didn’t get to go, let me be the first to tell you that you missed out! Here are some of my favorite things about the festival from this year:


Sea Lion Splash

These cute sea lions absolutely stole the show and I am so glad I was able to watch a show this year. Not only can the sea lions balance a ball on their noses, but they also know how to recycle trash that is thrown into their water! One of the sea lions even did a conga line with the host!


The Incredible Acrobats of China

This acrobat show kept you on the edge on your seat! It was so impressive what these performers could do. One of the girls balanced and then juggled a whole table by her feet!



Yellow Umbrella Shaved Ice

This year there were a ton of different shaved ice vendors at the festival. Unfortunately, I only got to try one of them. The Yellow Umbrella Shaved Ice was fantastic though! I highly recommend a dreamsicle shaved ice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Eudora Farms

Eudora Farms brought animals from all around the world that you could see. You could even pet, feed, and ride some of the animals! The neatest animal they brought was May belle the African Watusi. Watusi are the largest horned cattle in the world with horns reaching up to 8 feet long.


The Concerts

I didn’t actually go to any of the concerts, but for the past two years I have just walked around with friends and listened to them and that has been really enjoyable. This year’s lineup included Runaway June, Walker Hayes, and The Oak Ridge Boys.


Relay for Life

This year Relay for Life had an area set up in order to raise money where you could hit and basically destroy an old truck. This was a huge hit. My boyfriend knocked off one of the truck’s door and they let him take it home!


The Parade

The Soybean Festival Parade happens every year at the beginning of the festival week. It is always so exciting to see everyone in the parade and to see the kids in the audience get so excited about the candy being thrown out!