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It’s that time again.

You know, the time where you stay up until 7 a.m. jacked up on five-hour energies and double shot espressos just show you can get those last few hours of studying in. Well, I have a few tips to make sure you’re doing the proper prepping for finals.

1. Do not fill yourself full of caffeine the night before a test.

I know this is arguable, and some may shun me, but it is not healthy to consume large amounts of caffeine anyway. Why would you want to give yourself the jitters right before a test that may determine if you pass or fail a class? Drink a cup of coffee in the morning before your test, and you will be just fine.

2. Get enough sleep.

If you do not get adequate rest before an exam, your focus will be shaken. This tip also goes hand in hand with the first one. If you have the caffeine jitters and then try to rest, you might as well give it up. Try to go to bed at least by midnight and get a full seven to eight hours of rest so that your mental capacity is at its fullest.

3. Take study breaks.

Make sure you incorporate study breaks into your study time. The human brain is not made to hold focus for five hours at a time. Study for a couple of hours, and then run to McDonalds, grab you some nugs, chill for an hour and get back to your studying. Breaks are good for the brain.

4. Space out your studies.

Don’t try to cram for a final in one night. Study ahead of time so your brain has time to absorb the material you are studying. You will be much more successful this way.

5. Make sure you are eating right.

If you are not consuming proper amounts of food, it could easily affect your focus. Blood sugar levels could be greatly affected, which can cause you to have blurred vision and lack of mental focus. Eat a good meal each morning before your exams. Eat your Wheaties, sweeties!

So, as this H-E-double hockey sticks week quickly approaches, be sure to keep your health up to par by following these few tips to make sure you excel on your exams while not completely stressing yourself out. Happy finals week!

Cheyenne Johnson is a sophomore at the University of Tennessee at Martin and she is currently studying Agricultural Communications. Cheyenne comes to Martin from the small town of Scotts Hill that is located in West TN. She discovered she loved Martin once she had the chance to participate in the Tennessee Governors School of the Agricultural Sciences She is a sister of Sigma Alpha and is serving as the chapter Secretary. She is also a part of collegiate FFA as well as other organizations on campus. She is extremely excited to start this new journey with Her Campus at UTM.
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