Spring Break '12 Playlist

It’s finally come! It’s time to start drinking at 10 a.m., jump in an ocean that’s still way too cold, never sleep, and do it all over again; otherwise known as Spring Break.
No matter how you’re spending your spring break in 2012, whether that be relaxing at home, screaming at an amusement park or taking a cruise to Mexico with your best friends, spring break is a right of passage for students.  The most important aspect is do something that relieves you of all schoolwork and allows you to let loose! So to enjoy it best, here is a compilation of the best Spring Break songs to jam out to in 2012.
1. Ke$ha “Sleazy” : For all the girls who want to feel a little girl power this Spring Break!
2. Mochi Beats “Raging Levels” : Super fun mash up that is sure to please everyone.
3. Fun. “We Are Young” : A song to remind everyone of just what we are right now: young!
4. Wiz Khalifa “Young, Wild & Free” : What better theme song for college Spring Break?
5. Drake “The Motto” : Everyone loves a song that lets you relive the days of “O my God, Becky, look at her butt!”
6. Roscoe Dash “Good F*@#*ng Night” : Every night on Spring Break should be a good night!
7. LMFAO “Sexy and I Know It” : Because for weeks now, in preparation for Spring Break, you’ve worked out!
8. Lonely Island “I’m On a Boat” : Does this song ever get old? Nope!
9. DJ Pauly D “Beat Dat Beat” : In honor of the season finale of Jersey Shore, why not take your favorite guido with you?
10. Kid Cudi “All Summer” : “All year long we wait for sun.” Isn’t that the truth!
11. Bombay Bicycle Club “Magnet” : A great song for when you’re chillin’ on the beach.
12. DJ Savoy “How Low (Savoy Remix)” : If you were at Dayglow, you know DJ Savoy rocks. So keep the party going with one of his mixes!