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Mental Health

Your Mental Health Before School

It’s getting to the point in school where assignments are piling up and our life outside of school is getting difficult; from family, work, relationships, friendships etc. It is just that point where your stress levels are at a maximum, and you may feel like giving up. But like many college students, obviously giving up in school is something that is not a option; nor do I even encourage it. As college students, we tend to overly focus on school and totally let ourselves go mentally, leading to a total disaster.

There was point of my college career where I was at my lowest mentally, and when you are not alright mentally your physical body follows it. Dealing with a breakup at the time, financial problems, and to top everything, my classes were becoming too overwhelming. One night in the middle of the week I packed up some clothes and bought a one way ticket back home. My stress level was unbearable and  I couldn’t do it, so I decided I needed a small break from everything. I do not fully condone such drastic action like mine, but it was out of impulse and knowing if I kept forcing myself with school while not being in the right state of mind, I could have done something harmful to myself that could have impacted my life negatively.

Your mental health should always be your top priority, and its hard keeping it as the top one when school is also such an important part of your life as well. But there are many healthy ways you can deal with your mental state that won’t affect your work at school.

1. TAKE A DAY OR TWO BREAK FROM CLASSES (trust me you need it)

But make sure to email your professors in advance telling them somewhat of your situation. They will definitely understand and give you an extension on any of the assignments you have due those days.


A lot of us go away for school, and being away from our family does tend to our mental state negatively. So, go home and spend time with your loved ones. That time home will give you time to get yourself together for when you get back to classes.



If you feel like you are about to have a breakdown and you feel like you cannot do more work, just go out for a walk by yourself and use that time to recollect yourself.


Sometimes taking a small break from things won’t help, and this is when getting professional help may be an option. Do not feel odd about it, because you should take any chance you get to better yourself. So, reach out to any professional that your school may provide and talk to him or her. They can also help you with building a routine that can help you deal with the loads of college and your mental health.

Your mental health is always important. No matter how difficult things outside from yourself get, do not allow yourself to fall into a hole where you feel like you won’t get out. You have many choices that can help you stay mentally healthy while in college.


My name is Emely Baez, I am currently a Senior at Utica College; majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology.
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