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When I think of the winter time, I think of the cold and a large slushy mess.  When it comes to dating during the winter time there is not much to do because of these conditions.   However, today I have a list of various date ideas for you and your significant other to take on this winter.

1. Go tubing or sledding

This date idea is good way to let out your inner child while also having a lot of fun.  All you need is a sled or tube and a hill of your choice.  After you and your significant other are doing tubing or sledding for the day, you end it off with get cozy by a fire place and drinking hot chocolate.

2. Go Camping Indoors

Remember when we were all little and always wanted to build a fort? Well, you and your partner can still do that.  Instead of going camping outside in the freezing old, you both can make a fort indoors with pillows and blankets to spend the night in.  Also, if you have access to a fireplace or microwave, you can make s’mores and drink some hot chocolate.

3. Movie Night

If you are tight on money and can’t afford to go out to movies, you can always have a movie night at your house.  You can watch Netflix movies or old DVDs that you may have lying around the house.  You and your significant other can eat popcorn and cuddle all night long.

4. Ice Skating

There are many ice rinks both indoors and outdoors that you both can go to one night over the weekend or even during the week.  After ice skating, you both can go grab a warm meal or head home and cuddle up for the night.

5. Go to a Sports Game or Match

The winter time is big time for sports.  However, most of us don’t have the money to go to the NFL or NBA games every weekend.  One way that you and your partner can get out of the house a few nights a week is by going to local games or matches.  Personally, I love going to the UC hockey games.  It’s a fun way to get out of the house and show some school spirit!

All of these date ideas are feasible for even the most broke college student and good way to spice up the dates between you and your significant other this winter.

Hi everyone!  My name is Katelyn DiViccaro and I am a freshman at Utica College. I am a cybersecurtity major and am always around computers.  But, I also have a love for anything makeup, advice, and romance.  Check out some of my articles and enjoy!