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When it comes to sororities or fraternities most people form judgments, based on what they have seen in movies.The thing is there is so much more to sororities than, out of control parties and a bunch of girls who think they are better or cooler than others.Taking the time to learn about greek life is the best way to get past the stereotypes set by the entertainment industry.

Joining a sorority is one of the best things i have done since i started my college career. I would be the first to admit that i wasn’t a big fan of joining a sorority because it wasn’t something i thought about often or was of  interest to me.I changed my mind when my friend joined and told my best friend and i to give it a try and see where it goes.

In general i tend to be very strong willed when i am not interested in something, so when my friend asked me to go to the informational I remember telling her that wasn’t something i wanted to do at the moment and that it wasn’t for me.I was focused on school and thought that was the most important thing about being in college , but in the end i decided to give it a chance. I remember walking into a room full of girls laughing and having a conversation, and immediately wanted to know more.

The girls were very friendly and genuinely took their time in getting to know everyone who showed up. In the end, I can say after becoming a sister  i have gained some amazing friends who will make the college experience that much more enjoyable and wouldn’t change anything. I was able to gain a big who i know i can always count on when something is wrong, because she is literally always willing to listen and give me advice.

It is always good to step out of your comfort zone and experience new things, because if i hadn’t i wouldn’t have been able to meet and get to know my amazing sisters. I would also say it is beat to make your own decision by researching the sorority you are interested in, rather than listening to what others have to say.


Meet Chantelle, I am Chantelle,currently a Junior at Utica College majoring in Public Relations and Journalism to receive my Bachelors of Science degree. I am the treasurer for the Residence Hall Association at Utica College, in which i help students to improve the environment of their residence halls by fundraising to bring enjoyable and inclusive activities to residents.I believe that helping to improve the residence halls will allow students to not only appreciate, but respect their living spaces. I work in the Writing center as a tutor. I am a member of The National Society of Leadership and Success and a sister of Theta Phi Alpha.
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