Why Breaking Out of Your Shell is Beneficial

I was a pretty involved student in high school and knew that I wanted to keep that going when I came to college, but I did not know what to expect when it came to extracurricular activities and organizations.

As a freshman, I was almost intimidated by how many clubs there were and had no clue what to join and where I would fit in. I had individuals tell me about their organizations and they tried to get me interested in joining, but I was really timid and did not join any. My freshman year was a little boring because I didn’t know what to join, especially after being apart of so many teams and clubs in high school.

By the time I was a sophomore, I knew that I couldn’t just sit around like I did the year before. I stumbled across a club that looked interesting and reached out to them to get to know more about it. This club was Her Campus. Once I learned what is what about, I was eager to join and so I did. I loved it and had so much fun writing, it was so nice to be apart of clubs again and fill up my free time.

Smiling Woman Holding White Android Smartphone While Sitting Front of TableI knew by the time my junior year started that I was definitely going to pursue other organizations and I joined WPNR, the college’s radio station, UC’s International club, UC’s greenhouse, and even looked into joining a sorority. When I finally started joining these organizations, meeting new people and getting involved, it made my college career so much more fulfilling and fun.

So to any current or incoming freshman, I highly recommend breaking out of your shell and joining activities. It is a great way to become apart of your college community, meet new people, and get more out of your college experience.