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My friends look inside my closet sometimes. They do this to look at clothes that could form an outfit that I could possibly wear when going out. I own many styles of clothing like fancy, cute, sporty, bralettes and lingerie. These are the styles I enjoy wearing the most. But, whenever people see these things they automatically ask me “what boy I wear them for” and “who I’m trying to impress.” These comments always confuse me because then I think, why do I need to dress to impress someone? I buy these things because I think they are beautiful and I feel beautiful and sexy when I wear them. I wear them for myself, as a way of liberation through the silk soft fabrics. There is no reason to need to change the way you dress in hopes that someone will notice you. I own lingerie for myself, and to wear them under my clothes because I feel beautiful in them. I rather wear that confidence even if people can not see them, because I’ll still know its on my body.


 Now, how will someone find you beautiful and confident if you cannot feel that way for yourself first. I always encourage other females to wear something that gives them that feeling of confidence and liberty. Whether it is a lace bralette, panties, or a very sexy bra, I strongly support wearing any type to boost self-esteem.

Lingerie is my way of appreciation and self love to my body. I hope that after this article, you find in your closet that one piece that will make you feel like you are beautiful! And if you don’t happen to own any lace or lingerie go out to your nearest mall and get an item or two ! Go out and treat yourself !


Typical Dominican from NYC who loves loud music, fried cheese, and tacos
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