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Top five best things about thrift stores

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utica chapter.


Thrift stores have gained lots of popularity over the last few years, and I am here to tell you the top five best things about them. 

More sustainable

A lot of clothes bought at name-brand stores are really bad for the environment along with fast fashion. Buying from thrift stores stops supporting fast fashion that treats their works poorly on an unlivable wage. Buying thrift clothing is reusing those pieces of fabric rather than them being thrown in a landfill.


Clothes that have been loved are always more comfortable than a brand new piece. Sweatshirts for example are always more comfortable when they are broken in, I think everyone can agree. This is why I like wearing my boyfriend’s hoodies way more than my own.


Clothes bought thrifting are so much cheaper than buying say one pair of jeans from a name brand store. This helps your pocket! If I am in a mood to spend money on a lot of clothes I know to go thrifting because I’ll get more for the money.

Good Cause

Most thrift stores that you purchase from usually take the money and use it towards their charity, such as the salvation army which can provide meals and housing to those less fortunate. So next time you’re purchasing from a thrift store you know your money is going to the right place.

It’s fun

Going with your friends and spending time going through all the racks of clothing is the most fun part, especially when you find stuff that you have no clue how anyone wore it. Even going just to find ugly outfits are a fun way to pass time and who knows you might find your next favorite item!

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