Tips to make the most out of a COVID semester

COVID had been this overall awful, negative thing. Yes, everything is new, changing, and maybe ruining some plans for a lot of us college students trying to make the most of our young life. Maybe it’s time to change that narrative! Here are some tips to make the most out of another semester under COVID restrictions:

  1. 1. Attend Events!

    This semester, a lot of events have gone online, including recruitment for sororities and fraternities, maybe it is time to expand your horizons and join! RA’s try their hardest to incorporate fun new things under restrictions and lots of clubs also will be doing virtual events! Even though it’s a bit different, it’s something new to try and those current members will appreciate your interest!

  2. 2. Get a study room!

    Do you miss your friends? Well, visit and be productive with study rooms in the library! You still have to wear masks, but at least you can visit and keep your grades up! I am taking more classes than normal, so keeping up on my homework is KEY! My friends and I made a schedule of when we will have COVID safe study sesh’s, which keeps me motivated and boosts my excitement for studying!

  3. 3. Pick up a new hobby!

    Getting bored when you don’t have homework can be a real downer! Pick up something new! Read some books for fun, go for walks after classes, listen to some new podcasts, etc! There’s so much you can do with some extra time!

  4. 4. Support small businesses!

    Lots of businesses are starting to go down because of COVID. Do some research and go to coffee at a new shop, try out a new restaurant, or buy some products from some small businesses! I love getting mail and trying new things! This is the best of both worlds!

  5. 5. Try to stay as positive as possible!

    COVID has put a damper on some things, interrupted our lives, taken some loved ones and I recognize this. I am not de-validating this and for some this has been worse than for others. However, I HIGHLY recommend talking to someone to help with all of the new emotions and feelings that you are experiencing. Trying to keep a positive attitude has been what has helped me get through this pandemic thus far. Exercise, taking time for myself, and indulging in the things I love has helped me keep positive in the midst of our newest spike.

Overall, please try to make the most of your time! I know it’s hard and not every day is going to be perfect, but I don’t want to keep seeing everyone letting their lives just pass them by. I hope these tips help you to feel a little bit of normalcy within this pandemic!