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Growing up, I always believed in fairy tales. I loved watching movies about princesses and women finding a man to sweep them off their feet. I love the idea of love and the thought of someone loving me back as much as I love them. But, in this life, I believe in something else. Yes, love does exist but it exists for me in three different ways. I believe in life, you meet three people who you will feel love for.

    The first type of love is idealistic:

This love your first boyfriend, your first crush, and first kiss. Maybe you met this person in junior high, maybe even in high school. This love is the type of love you imagined based off of all the books and movies based on romance. You want it to be perfect, you escalate the relationship by saying the three most powerful words… “I love you.” You’re young, but you think that it’s love and even start thinking about forever with this special person because you don’t see a life without your first love. Time passes, sometimes there are cases when you grow out of your relationship and it’s just not all that you imagined, the spark dies, you break up. That is your first love.

The second love is painful:

This relationship teaches you a lesson. It will teach you something about yourself that you yet did not know about yourself. It will show you how you wished to be loved and appreciated. This love hurts, is controlling, is toxic, and extremely painful. This love breaks you down to the worst possible form almost feeling like there’s nothing left of you anymore. It may feel in the beginning like you have the hang of it because you know what it feels like to be in a relationship. But, this second love is a constant pattern, this happens because you expect and hope for a different outcome. This relationship is unhealthy, it can cause one or both people in this relationship abuse. It can either be physical, verbal and even mentally; sometimes it could be all three. If you are currently stuck in this stage and cannot see your future anymore, find help. Whether you reach out to a professional, family, or friend, do not let this love terrorize your life. Get up, and do something about it.

The third love is forever:

This relationship is unexpected. Your heart says yes go for it but the trauma in your brain screams “no, run away, this is going to hurt like last time.” This third love feels right, your best friend you wished you met years ago. You accept one another and look past each other’s insecurities and find a way to still appreciate the ugly scars. You don’t expect anything in this third love because things go better with no expectations. This third love knocks down all the walls you build up because they want to show you better, they want to do better.


    My third love is everything. I love him and he is the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time. Hopefully, there is not a fourth because he is my one and final choice.

Typical Dominican from NYC who loves loud music, fried cheese, and tacos
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