Take a Leap and Move in with Your Best Friend

I used to urge people that went to school with their friends not to room with them, because I have seen close friendships end because living with people other than your family, or a significant other is a whole different atmosphere than living with friends or acquaintances. But, here is why my thoughts have changed drastically since moving out of my parent's house. Living with my best friend has been the best decision I have ever made. 

When I went away to school originally, my first semester of college, I roomed with a girl and neither one of us talked to the other. I felt uncomfortable in my own living space and moved into my boyfriend at the time. So, when I thought about moving out I was scared to live with my best friend. I had a bad living experience with someone other than my family, so I was so unsure of how the situation would play out in the end. I watched my sister’s friendships with her old roommates evaporate into nothing. I did not want that to happen with my best friend and I. It was the one thing everyone warned us about when we decided to make the move. However, we have been best friends since the seventh grade, so we know each other well enough to know when something bothers/upsets one another. We know not to cross the line and to speak up to one another. Living with my bestie has positively changed my life. But, why am I telling you to make the leap? 

Living with your best friend feels like a never-ending sleepover. That is not a bad thing though! Whenever one of us is down in the dumps and needs the other to lean on we are always right there for each other…. Literally. We never have to make plans to hang out anymore. If we wake up in the morning and decide hmmm I want to do this today! A quick walk down the hallway, just a scream through the door at each other, and boom plans without actually making them ahead of time. A crisis with a boy? Want him out? Best friend stages a fight and it gets him out of the house! You and your bestie don’t feel like going out and about, it no longer becomes a problem when you live together. Pop in a movie and make some popcorn in the comfort of both of your own homes! 

It’s so comforting living with your best friend. If you want to move out of your family house, I highly recommend it. Not everyone is capable of living with other people, living with others is hard. But, I feel as though once you have been friends with someone to the point where they feel like a part of the family the struggle of coexisting with other people becomes less of an issue. Knock on wood, but my bestie and I have been living together for about seven months now, and we have not argued about anything. If something bothers one of us, we simply just tell the other. That can become a problem if you're not close to the person you're living with because you might feel uncomfortable coming forward about your thoughts/concerns/feelings, but with your best friend, you should feel comfortable talking to them about anything.