Stay Safe and Spooky



There are always some concerns when it comes to Halloween, flammable costumes, bullies, being what you want to be, and even tampered with candy. Now we have something else we have to worry about which is, of course, Covid-19. Since Covid-19 is a thing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said that you shouldn't go door to door trick or treating, shouldn't have parties, or think that wearing Halloween masks is going to protect you from Covid-19.

These are some cool spooky masks that you could buy to be a little creepy if you wanted to. There are also some that just have the Halloween vibes to it that some people might like. 



  1. Assmasks Incredible Hulk Face Mask (starting at $9.99)



  1. CaseRocket Scary Clown Face Mask ($12.85)




  1. RisebySamyouwell Cat Mask ($16)




  1. IconiqPrints Jack-o-Lantern Mask ($11.99)





  1. WithLoveJeanette Jack-o’-Lantern Mask ($9)



6.  ProCraftyCreations Candy Corn Face Mask ($8.50)



Make sure that safety is your first concern above everything else. If you do decide to be a little spooky make it a safe spooky.


Stay Healthy,

Kelly Caminske