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Six Quotes For Girls That Feel Lost

Sometimes we fall off track of what we stand for. Quotes often hit our issues right on the nose, and can help us realize that we need to get back on track. Here are 6 quotes for girls who feel lost and need to get themselves back.


  1. First of all… Let’s really think about this.

   2. Then, let’s all be rebels!

 3. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to everyone else, but it pays to accept and own your beauty.

4. Sadly it’s true, we feel like we need to prove something of ourselves to others. We don’t!


5. Just like how we don’t let one small part of our day ruin the rest of it…

6. This is so true, and I hope we all get there. Be there for yourself, do more for yourself, love yourself.


I hope some of these quotes provide encouragement to those who need to put themselves first more often than they do. It’s the best medicine. Don’t feel like a stranger in your own body. And most importantly, don’t let other people influence how you feel about yourself!


Hello everybody, my name is Stephanie. I am currently a Sophomore at Utica college. I am a nursing major and I am on the track and field team. I spend almost all my free time either in the library or practicing for track. I really enjoy having the opportunity to share pieces of me with you guys through the means of writing. Enjoy!
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