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 Let’s talk about senior year of college. One may have the assumption that senior year would be easier than the rest, but that most definitely has not been my experience thus far. From non-stop testing, studying, and balancing school and work, busy is an understatement. 


One aspect that adds to the difficulty I have experienced so far in my senior year of college is the number of tests, quizzes, and the time limit placed on being able to study for them. It seems as if I have been non-stop studying ever since this semester started. For instance, this week alone I have had two exams and two quizzes, and I honestly do not know how I managed to study for all of them. On the positive side, the excessive amount of tests, and studying I have had to do to prepare for them has taught me that I have the ability to learn and retain information in a very short amount of time.


 Secondly, managing school and work while also keeping in mind that I need to continue to get the experience needed in my field to help for my future career in psychology is simply a lot. Two jobs, plus full time as a student is not easy, and I think many students experience the same thing. I honestly think I forgot how tired I actually am, but my boyfriend asking if I feel okay because of how dark my eye circles quickly remind me! Keeping busy is a good thing, but it is important to remember to take a step back from the busyness, and stress that accompanies it. Taking part in activities you enjoy, and getting the necessary amount of sleep to stay healthy and successful in college is just as important as making money and studying for good grades.


For those who are having the experience I am thus far as a senior in college, I’d like to say you’re amazing, dedicated, and strong. You have gotten this far in your college career, and to quit now would not be worth it. So, keep striving to do your best and finish strong. You do not want all of the time, money spent, and all of the sacrifices you have made to go to waste. Even if your dark circles seem to now be a permanent staple on your face, and you no longer know what a social life is, just know it will all pay off in the end, I hope.

•Not quite sure what I want to do when I “grow up” yet, but I’m enjoying the road to that destination. I know I want to help others in whatever career I choose. Whether that be in the psychology field, nutrition or fitness field , I know what I’m passionate about just on a quest to find what fits that mold for me. •My voice being heard and hearing the voices of others is something very important to me. •Being outdoors and enjoying all seasons is my go to.
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