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Music is one of the things that I have enjoyed ever since I was little, whether it’s listening to music or performing music. When it comes to music for me, I love to sing, dance, and play a wind instrument. Music can help me feel good about myself and is also a way for me to express my musical talents. 


Looking back to grade school, I was involved in some music groups my school had such as band and chorus. I played the trumpet in elementary school, then I played the clarinet in middle school and high school. While in chorus from fifth grade and all the way to high school senior year, I have been an alto for most of my chorus years and a soprano a few years. In tenth and eleventh grade, I was in a jazz band and ended up getting two solos for concerts in eleventh grade. I’ve had a few solos in the chorus at a couple of school concerts. 


When it comes to listening to music, I have a lot of favorite songs, bands, and singers that I listen to almost every day. 


Some of my favorite songs are: 

  • Almost Home by MercyMe

  • I See The Light by Mandy Moore (Rapunzel) from the movie Tangled

  • Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande

  • You’re Still You by Josh Groban

  • How Do You Sleep by Sam Smith

  • Uptown Girl by Billy Joel

  • Talk Good by Grace Vanderwaal 

  • Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw

  • Forever and a Day (Always) by Jewel

  • Forever and For Always by Shania Twain

  • Wild Horses by Natasha Beddingfield

  • Tell Me Why by Russ

  • Even If It Breaks Your Heart by Eli Young Band


Some of my favorite artists/bands are:

  • Bee Gees

  • The Carpenters

  • Carrie Underwood

  • Ariana Grande

  • Anne Murray

  • Kidz Bop

  • Abba

  • Miley Cyrus

  • Barry Manilow

  • Jonas Brothers


Music can be useful for making someone feel good and express their musical talents. Sometimes I imagine myself on stage performing music for people and everybody enjoying my performances.

I'm a Utica College Alumni '21 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies. My hobbies are shopping, watching movies, and listening to music. My favorite color is purple. I like water landscapes and games. At UC I was a member of the following clubs and organizations: 1. Ampersand 2. Active Minds (Public Relations Officer) 3. Art Club (Secretary) 4. Math Club (Webmaster) 5. The Tangerine 6. Women In A New Direction (W.I.N.D) 7. Cybersecurity Club 8. Accounting Society 9. Literature Society (President) 10. Young Americans for Liberty 11. Her Campus UC Chapter 12. Psychological Society (Secretary) 13. Psychology-Child Life Society (Secretary) 14. Billiards Club (Webmaster) 15. Nutrition Club 16. UCTV (Video Production Aide) 17. Student Government Association (Senior Class Treasurer) 18. UC Programming Board 19. American Cancer Society On-campus 20. Coordinated Community Response Team Student Advisory Board 21. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Collaborative 22. National Society of Leadership and Success 23. Student Conference 2021
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