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A Message to Myself and You….

Why not start of the new year with a lovely message to myself. Looking back on what I went through in 2018, I am coming into 2019 with many goals and positive energy. This article is going to be a little all over the place, so just bare with me.

The beginning of 2018 was quite the rollercoaster for me. I had many toxic people in my life and I would have never thought I would gain the courage to finally push them out. By toxic people, I mean people who see you grow, but absolutely hate it and will do everything in their power to drag you back down. People that don’t want to see you be successful and will try to direct you in the opposite direction. People who make you feel bad about yourself and laugh at it.

You know anyone in your life that happens to act like any of those people that I just described? Do yourself a favor and subtract them from your life. Easier to said than done, but here’s why you should. You’ll reach a point where you’ve had enough.

The beginning of last year, I felt very down about myself, which made me not want to do anything, including self love. When I tell you that self love is SO important, it is! I am not trying to be cliche, but it is so important to love yourself in order for you to grow.

I got rid of everyone that was toxic in my life one by one. I wasn’t petty towards them because I knew that would make everything worse. You really just have to focus on yourself. I knew I had to cut them out when I did because my life was going downhill. I didn’t go to class, barely left my room, and my grades were dropping quickly. I knew it was because I was sad all the time and I was not surrounded by the right people. I knew I had to make a change.

I had other friends besides the toxic ones. So, I started to hang out with them more and wow, I already felt so much better. With everything going on at the moment, plus my seasonal depression, I decided I needed to do something during the day that would take up more of my time.

Working out: first step to self love for me. That was where I was able to take out most of my anger and frustrations. I felt so healthy after I went a couple of times.

Another way I self loved was by doing some self pampering spa nights. I did hair masks, face masks, got my nails done, and took lots of baths. This is the best way to relax and I would do this every chance I had.

After a couple of months doing this, I felt like a new person. I was so happy all the time and knew that the Fall Semester 2018 I needed to get my act together. I ended 2018 with a 3.9 GPA, which is my highest GPA. I believe that my real friends and my fiance have really pushed me to become the best version of myself.

I expect nothing less in 2019. I have all positive vibes, and I believe I will continue to keep glowing from here. I will never go back to how I was and will not let the toxic people back in my life, because they do not deserve to be. I believe everything happens for a reason and you just have to focus on what you want to keep moving forward.


My name is Josie Sgarlata. I am a Junior at Utica College and I am on the Field Hockey team. My major is Public Relations!
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