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Making a Good Impression


Now that I am in my third year of college I think I've finally gotten the hang of things. Trust me it took a looong time for me to feel confident enough to say that, but now I think I have some sort of comradery with all the professors in my department. At least - I hope they like me I mean, they are going to be the ones writing my letters of recommendation for graduate school, but that's beside the point. 

Especially as a first-year college student, I had no idea how to make a good impression with my professors. How do I show them I'm here because I want to be, not because my parents or guidance counselor or someone else told me it was a good idea? Here are some tips and tricks I've learned to really make you stand out as a student!

Arrive Early

This shows that you are punctual and that is important!! So many professors say during syllabus week that if you are going to arrive late then don't bother coming because it creates such a class distraction. To avoid this I leave with half an hour before class starts. This gives me enough time to get there, find parking, walk to class, and get everything out of my bag with a little bit of extra time just in case. 

Sit Up Front

I know for this goes for so many, but people think sitting up front means you are a teacher's pet. C'mon, we are in college now guys, you need your professors to like you. Sitting up front shows the professor that you want to be there, that you are ready to engage in class discussion and not falling asleep in the back of the class. 

Actively Participate

NO! You won't look like a nerd for knowing what's happening in class and the people that think that probably won't make it all the way through college. Showing the professor you know what's happening in class actively asking questions, commenting in class discussions, and helping out when needed gets you so many brownie points! OMG

No Cell Phones

No matter what the professor's cell phone policy is for class it is courteous to not be sitting on your cell phone during class, if a professor says to google something for them (because that will happen - they're people, not robots - they don't know everything) That's a different story. About two minutes before every class I turn my volume and ringer off and put my phone in my bag under my desk. This ensures there will be fewer distractions in class and shows the professor that you want to learn and be there. 

Office Hours

These are the best thing a professor can have for you in your time at college! Going to your professor's office hours gives you one on one time with them to go over that one chapter you didn't understand or discuss more of what happened in class last time to really lock in that bond with them. Most of the time too if you do your papers early and bring them to office hours the professor will go through it with you and tell you exactly what they want and where you went wrong to ensure you get that A because your GPA is so much more than just your grade. It dictates if you can play your sport, pledge for greek life, or even join clubs


If your professor sees you doing the work and trying your hardest they are more likely to give you an extension if needed or round up your grade! How you present yourself in college goes well beyond your years there and it helps to prepare you for professional settings! There are no "teacher's pets" in college and making a good impression on your professors will open up so many more opportunities for you in your college career and beyond. 

Hello everyone, My name is Emily and I am a psych major at Utica College. I am a sister of Theta Phi Alpha and love to volunteer and do community service. I love music and I care a lot about mental health. Spreading kindness is a big thing of mine, but all vibes are welcome. I am here and open to talk to anyone if you ever need, do not hesitate to dm me on instagram- @emily.mullinax Happy reading!
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