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I have always loved the Purge movies. They’re so interesting and fun to watch. Call me crazy, but I am a horror movie fanatic. 


I have seen most of the scary movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, the ones that look interesting to watch anyways. There are a couple of movies that just waste your time. 


A couple of weeks ago, I came across The Purge show on Netflix and just kind of put it aside, until the other day, I gave it a shot since I’ve seen most of everything else. I more into movies because I get really impatient when I don’t know the ending of something as soon as I want it. 

I started watching The Purge and I definitely recommend the show. It keeps you on your toes the whole movie and has an amazing storyline involved with it. The acting is good and I have been hooked since the first episode. There are 10 episodes in the first season. Even though this show is based on a 12-hour event, I am sure the series will continue after the purge ends. 


I really enjoy how its more for a mature audience, the show is going into social ramifications that are beyond the purge. 


To see what I mean, you have to start to watch the show! :) 


My name is Josie Sgarlata. I am a Junior at Utica College and I am on the Field Hockey team. My major is Public Relations!
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