Anna Schultz-Junk Food Donut Close Up

How I feel about fast food restaurants

Fast food restaurants are one of the ways people can come to buy food without cooking or waiting for their food to be made. Many fast-food restaurants have different types of food. 


I go to fast-food restaurants to get some food to eat while I’m doing work at home or school. Some of the fast-food restaurants I have some foods that I enjoy such as: 


  • Wendy’s 

    • Cheeseburgers are also known as Dave’s Singles. These cheeseburgers seem to have more flavor and taste than other fast-food restaurants. 

    • ​​​One thing Wendy’s had a few years ago for a limited time only is the buffalo chicken sandwiches. This was one of the foods that I loved and now I feel bad that it’s no longer available. 
  • McDonald’s 

    • Reese’s McFlurry was one of the things I liked from McDonald’s, but it’s too bad it’s not available all year long since some of us who love Reese Cups would also enjoy Reese’s McFlurry. 

    • Strawberry banana smoothie is one of the beverages I would get whenever I get McDonald’s for lunch/dinner. 

  • Dunkin Donuts 

    • Iced lattes are what I have been going for at this special coffee and donut shop since the girl scout cookie flavors were available in Spring 2020. I would go for the coconut caramel, which is one of the girl scout cookies. However, in 2020 Dunkin Donuts did not sell the iced lattes in Dosidos. Dosidos was the flavor I wanted to go for when it came to girl scout cookie season. 

    • One of the nice things about Dunkin Donuts is being a Dunkin Donuts member whether it’s on the Dunkin Donuts app or having a Dunkin Donuts card available. 

  • Burger King

    • I don’t really like Burger King’s cheeseburgers, but I do like their spicy chicken juniors and mozzarella sticks. Sometimes I’ll get fries with my order. 

  • Arby’s 

    • I also like Arby’s mozzarella sticks, but also the greek gyros. 

  • Subway 

    • I get a sub from Subway a lot of times for breakfast since some days I want lunch food for breakfast and not breakfast food for breakfast. Subway seems to be the only restaurant that has lunch food available, subs. 

    • One of the things I like is the flatbread subs with salami, swiss cheese, lettuce, onions, and chipotle dressing. 

  • Moe’s 

    • I’ve been a fan of Moe’s when it comes to the free chips and salsa with every order. I would usually get four hard tacos and pink lemonade from the drink machine. 

  • Taco Bell

    • I don’t go to Taco Bell a lot but one of the things to be aware of with the Taco Bells in central New York is which one you go to. Last summer, a Taco Bell employee was tested positive for hepatitis A at the Taco Bell in Rome, New York. 

    • When it comes to food that I get at Taco Bell, I usually get six hard tacos with cheese and no lettuce.