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How Girls With Anxiety Love Differently Than The Rest

As a constant result of feeling anxious and worried, girls with anxiety always have their guard up. We always handle everything with anxiousness and being on edge and on our toes for what will make us anxious next. 


No matter what, we will love you like no one else ever will. We will love you because you are our one and only, our safe space, our person, and our go to. We trust you, and appreciate you and that will never go unnoticed.

We need to feel safe.


Girls with anxiety need to feel safe in their relationships. Overprotective? We want that shit. Remember that we are still independent, we just need to be a little secured. Let us know you are there, and that you care. Because we want and need to feel safe, please stay patient. You are our safety net and there is no one else like you.


  We need to lean on you.  

We lean on you a little more than normal girlfriends would. We need you whenever we feel even the smallest amount of anxiety: you are the first person we need. You are the only one we trust when we need our tears wiped, when we are shaking, gasping for breath, when we are sad and a mess, and when we are happy. You and your girl have a bond, an emotional, physical, and strong bond that you will never find anywhere else.

We need reassurance.

All we ask for is patience. We are never in control of what we do, say or feel but we always want to tell you how we are thinking. Even though we make you repeat things over and over again, tell us you love us for the millionth time, tell us you won’t leave our side for the thousandth time, and that everything will be ok for the hundredth time. It’s not because we are doubting you, we just need to hear it to ease our mind. We will love you forever.

We will love you like no one else will.

You might feel we can be a little much, sometimes too much, but you are our world. Anxiety is something that is too real and knowing that we have someone who is understanding rather than leaving makes us so incredibly thankful for you. We love you because you are our protector, our shoulder, our calm, and our love and we will let you know that 10 million times a day. 


We have a tendency to keep you happy. If you ask “are you ok”, the answer will be yes, especially if you have said that you hate seeing us so upset. Your happiness is more important than our own even though you know we are lying when we say everything is fine.


WARNING: Anxiety controls your mind, your body, your heart. You must be gentle with it. You cannot throw “we need to talk” out there for her to go into flight or fight more and lose feeling in herself. Throwing the “I just don't know anymore”, drops our hearts to our stomachs. That is the least of our intentions to make you feel like giving up or walking away. If a breakup occurs, it is hard, but girls with anxiety struggle to find themselves again because they have so much faith in you and cannot think about letting someone back into their chaos and have them accept it like you did. 


She is not a mess, she is not a burden, she is not broken. She is a gift, a treasure, a piece of gold. She is someone who needs the TLC she deserves and cherishes you in return. 


We love differently but we will love you like no one else will. 


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