Halloweekend 2018

Halloweekend is a big event for any student in college, whether you are a freshman or senior. This is the time of year that everyone goes all out for. Everyone dresses up and participates in events such as parties or even just dressing up and hanging out.

I did not participate in Halloweekend my sophomore year, so I figured that I would join in on the fun this year, get dressed up, and go out with my friends. Of course I did the stereotypical girl thing and dressed as an animal, a deer to be specific. The night started off fantastic. My friends and I were cutely dressed while at a little get together before we decided to head to the bar.

The last thing I remember from going out is dancing to “ You’re The One That I Want” from the Grease soundtrack and then blacking out. I wish I could remember that part of the night to write down, but I unfortunately cannot.

Group of People PartyingI woke up that Sunday morning searching for my glasses and my phone. My phone would not turn on and it had a massive crack in it. I walked to my friends rooms and they did not answer their doors, so I decided to email them titling it SOS and waited for response. I got a response from one of them and decided to search their house for my glasses. They were found smashed to pieces in the driveway after being run over by a car, I'm assuming.

I was without glasses and a phone for close to a week. I quickly made an appointment after I discovered my glasses and found out that I was legally considered blind without them, and waited for my new phone to come in the mail. My friends had to act as my seeing eye dog and secretary for that time. They walked me to classes, meetings, and took messages from my parents, friends and boyfriend through their phones through that time.

Moral of this story is don’t let Halloweekend get the best of you, because you could be out of glasses and a phone like myself.