Five Reasons My Mom is My Best Friend

1. She knows when I’m not myself

We have seen each other at our worst and our best.  From the tone of my voice or the way my face may seem, she always knows when something isn't right. I can never try to sneak an emotion by her, and for that, I love her.  

2. She’s my biggest fan

Everything I do I know I will always have at least one fan, my mom.  From my makeup that day to my first job, I will always have the only support system I will ever need.  

3. It’s like having a sister when your an only child

Growing up I never had a sister, but my mom is the closest thing to that.  From early morning fights about wearing her shirt to late night talks about life. I especially love our talks about makeup and when we do each others makeup. I don’t want  to share this bond with anyone else.

4. She’s my role model

Role model is an understatement. The success my mom has gained is strictly from her hard work and the constant fire that burns from her soul.  The passion and care that she puts into every little thing she does makes me thrive to be half the woman she is.  

5. She’s there when no one else is

When no one is there to fall back on, I’ll always have my mom.  The person that never let me go to bed upset, and the person who always knows how to cheer me up, I am so incredibly grateful for you.  I have not had a lot of steady friends, but I know I can always count on her.

Mom, you are my inspiration in life and you always have been.  I have seen you at your worst and at your absolute best.  You have shown me what it takes to be a strong and independent woman and what I need to succeed in life. You are always my shoulder to cry on, or my call to someone so I can just vent.  You have pushed me every day of my life to be a better person and to always be the best I could be.  You have shown me how to grow as a person and to strive for greatness, and I take this all with me as I grow.  I always cared about what people thought of me, and it’s something I never liked, but I admire the way you hold your head high and never let the fear of others get to you. You’ve always been my best friend, and always will continue to be that.  I love you and forever cherish our bond!