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Five Easy Breakfast Ideas

We’ve all heard the “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” lecture at least once before. It can be hard in the morning to set enough time aside to make a quality breakfast, especially if you have an early morning start. One way that we can incorporate breakfast into our daily routines is by making some “overnight recipes” that can be made the night before. This may seem a little odd but some of these recipes are delicious!

1. Overnight Oats

Even I was a little skeptical when I first tried an overnight oats recipe; I just didn’t understand how it could taste good! Overnight oats definitely exceeded my expectations. There are dozens of recipes all over the internet that combine all different ingredients that can appeal to everyone. Pinterest is also a great source for finding the recipes you would love!

2. Smoothies

Who doesn’t love a smoothie every once in a while? Smoothies are especially handy when you are in a rush in the morning. All you have to do is find a recipe you want to try and prepare it the night before and just throw it in the refrigerator/freezer. Super simple, super good.

3. Yogurt Parfaits

Of course, grabbing a yogurt on your way out the door is always an easy option however, adding fruit, granola or other toppings can make it even better. Yogurt parfaits are also a great source of protein so you won’t be hungry quickly in your day.

4. Breakfast Bars/Cookies

These may take a little extra time compared to the other breakfast options but it is totally worth it! The best part about a homemade breakfast bar/cookie is that you can make them any way that you want. If you want a sweet breakfast, you can use any kind of fruit (or even chocolate) that you want and if you’re feeling like something tastier, you can use any vegetables or proteins that you want.

5. Homemade Breakfast Pizza

Like regular pizza, breakfast pizza tastes good warm or cold. Just like any other pizza, you can pick and choose exactly what toppings you want. If you really want to switch it up, you can even use toast or an “oat crust” and top the pizza with yogurt and lots of fruit. I would highly recommend trying this recipe at least once!

Eating breakfast really can affect your day. It can give you the energy you need to make it through your longest days. These are just a few recipes that can be used to jumpstart your mornings!


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