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The Five Best Parts Of Weekly Journaling!

Creative Outlet

If you’re like me and love being artsy but aren’t the most creative, journaling allows you to be creative while also not having to think too hard! I prefer to use plenty of stickers and washi tapes in order to bring life to the pages. You can find lots of spreads on Pinterest to find creative ideas for your journal.


When doing weekly journaling you get to write down the best and worst days of your week that you find the most important, after a few months you get to go look back and remember the days you've been through. I love looking back on the past weeks of my journal to look at memories! It’s like looking at old pictures but with a little more detail!

Stress Relief

 When weekly journaling you can write every day separately which can help relieve any built-up stress from that day. When talking about your day you feel relieved after dumping all your feelings out which is exactly what happens when you write your day, all the problems are lifted right off of your shoulders.


 When going back and reading your entries you think back about your decisions and how you acted during those times, you think about how you have changed and it sometimes helps you change your perspective on how you react to situations you have been in!

Handwriting Improvement

When I began to journal about a year ago my handwriting was horrible but now that I have been writing every day for almost a year my handwriting has improved in ways I never thought it could, this really helps when taking notes in class as well keeping my notes neater and organized than they have ever been it makes studying a whole lot easier!

Hi my name is rebecca and I love music, concerts and all things organization
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