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During this time it is especially important to support local and small businesses because they really are the ones who hold our community together. A great way to show your local pride is by attending a farmers market! COVID-19 has forced markets to close and local farmers, crafters, restaurant owners, bakers, and small businesses who rely on the farmers market to sell their products have suffered. You can only imagine having your creativity and hard work go to waste because the one place it was appreciated has been taken away for a short time; it can be heartbreaking. By attending a farmers market, there are endless possibilities to help these local vendors grow and help grow yourself!


Something I absolutely love about going to the farmers market is that I learn something new every time I go. There is always a new vendor or a new friendly face waiting to tell you about something awesome that could possibly help you in your own life. At my favorite farmers market in Troy, NY I learned how there’s a difference between French and English lavender, sunflower oil is one of the lightest cooking oils and endless recipes that I have helped me make better and healthier meals for myself. I even came across a product that absolutely saved me from a skin condition I’ve had for many years. When I learn something new at the farmers market I feel elated. I love learning and this is the perfect place to find your new favorite thing. 


By attending a farmers market you are helping your community as well as yourself. The farmers market offers so many healthy and locally grown produce that is usually a million times better than produce in a grocery store. There are always great restaurants that bring out their best food to share, maybe you’ll find your new go-to spot! Learning about yourself as well as the community benefits everyone and can make a bigger difference than you think. 


Take a look at some farmers markets in the Utica area! 


New Hartford Farmers Market- https://www.newhartfordchamber.com/farmers-market/#!directory

Clinton Farmers Market- https://clintonnychamber.org/farmers-market/

Oneida County Farmers Market- http://www.oneidacountymarket.com/

My name is Maddy and I am a junior at Utica College studying Occupational Therapy
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