Fall Fun


Are you ready to get into the fall spirit and have some fun with your friends? Well, I have some great places in mind for you! Growing up in Utica I have my fall favorite spots that I visit every year both with my family and my friends. Even though coronavirus may have put a damper on your fall semester, don’t let it take away the other great things that come with fall. Things like apple picking, pumpkin picking, hayrides, and even spooky season activities can still be enjoyed (with the right social distancing measures). So get ready to have some fun!

  1. 1. Critz Farms

    Critz Farms is a small farm located right in Cazenovia. I have been going here since I was about four years old, it is a family favorite. This farm has it all! They have U-pick pumpkins and apples for everyone to enjoy. They also have wagon rides around the farm on the weekends as well as freshly pressed cider. My favorite thing to do at Critz is the corn maze. At Critz, they have a huge corn maze with special picks in the ground to help you keep track of where you are. You can grab a map at the start of the maze and at every pick they have a hole punch. If you punch all of the punches and get through the maze you win a prize!

  2. 2. North Star Orchards

    North Star is a little closer to Utica College located right in Westmoreland. The reason I love North Star is because of their freshly baked goodies. They have everything from half-moons to apple turnovers. You can also get baked goods like pies, bread, muffins and so much more. North Star has a lot of fun activities too, including apple picking and pumpkin picking. This is a favorite place of mine because it is inexpensive and fun. The corn maze is free which is a bonus and to pick a bag of apple’s it’s only 12$. Not to mention apple picking makes for some great selfies as well.

  3. 3. Fly Creek

    Fly Creek Cider Mill is about a 45-minute drive from Utica College but it is well worth the drive. Here you can enjoy freshly made apple pie, fudge, and a variety of other desserts. But what makes Fly Creek unique is that you can watch them press their cider right in the mill! I think it is a cool experience to be able to see cider being made right in front of you. Fly creek also has many food options but my personal favorite is their pot roast sandwiches. 

  4. 4. Cackleberry Castle

    Located near Sylvan beach Cackleberry Castle is a great place to have some fall memories with your friends or family. What I like about this pumpkin farm is the Spooky walk through the cornfields at night. They have lights and decorations scattered throughout the maze and it was a really fun experience. They also have a hayride throughout the back half of the field which was super fun. This farm also had cute selfie spots such as in front of the farms famous “talking pumpkin” as well as with the pumpkin stacks towards the front. 

  5. 5. Savicki’s Farm

    The last place that I enjoy going around this time of year is Savicki’s farm. Here they have a 5-acre corn maze as well as U-Pick pumpkins. You can also pick your Indian Corn and ears of corn to make homemade popcorn. This family-owned farm is a great small business to support and you can have some great fall fun here.


Fall is a great time of year to go outside and enjoy the last few warm days of the year. The changing and falling leaves make the best backdrop for any picture with your friends. I hope you get to enjoy this fall season even with the coronavirus still taking hold. Even though the virus is still around we can all still enjoy our favorite things about the season while staying safe.