E is for Empty

Everyone is always talking about how so many holidays and events are crammed into the last 3 months of the year, and they're right. October through December is packed with a bunch of major holidays on top of social obligations and let's not forget about finals! It's honestly surprising every single person isn't taking midday naps every day my mid-December. (Even though I do sneak a few in)


However, this time of year is also filled with so much fun and excitement, and it really brings people together. Even as I cram for a final in the library at 3 am I know I am making memories with my friends who are sitting right next to me being fueled solely by coffee and a will to pass. 


Every time I think about how busy I am and how little sleep I am getting, I try to think about what my sleep is being sacrificed for. Yes, sometimes it's just to finish a paper or turn in a project, but I think about getting there. Those things I’m doing are setting me up for a better future. I also reflect on the present, how that group project made me three new friends.  About how making those connections was worth sacrificing a few hours. 


When I start my Christmas shopping and I realize I'll be spending all day waiting in line, I think about how lucky I am to have people in my life who are worth waiting for.


When I spend six hours cooking Thanksgiving dinner I think about how lucky I am to have food to cook. 


When I’m up late at night wrapping everything to put under the tree, I think about how amazing it will be to see the excitement on my family’s face when they open them.


When I’m studying for finals, I think about how lucky I am to have access to a college education. 


All of these things that I used to be so upset by because they took all the energy I had in my tank, I can now see in a new light.


When my head hits the pillow at night and I feel the exhaustion of the day, I also feel happy and content knowing that I have made connections and memories that will be with me forever.


So my challenge to you this busy season is to appreciate all the things in your life that leave you on empty because those are the things you’ll remember, not the tiredness, but the happiness.