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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utica chapter.
Rose Quartz

This is one of the more commonly known crystals and it is for a good reason. Rose quartz can bring self-love, compassion, and harmony to relationships you have and with yourself. Its comforting energy is something we can all use 



Obsidian is a protective stone. It acts as a shield from negativity. It can help in detoxification, reducing physical and mental pain your body can be experiencing, and bring clarity and strength to help you in finding your true self


Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye guides you in finding internal balance and harmony with your soul. It helps rid your body of anxieties, fears, and insecurities that can stop you from moving forward. It brings power to your unconscious. This crystal is a motivator to go out and conquer the world.


In ancient times, this crystal was used to remove toxins from a person’s blood and improve their circulatory system. It helps restore vitality and energy levels, bringing self-awareness and transformation in somebody’s mind.


Just like it says in the name, bloodstone cleanses the blood by guiding away bad energies. It encourages selflessness, creativity, and idealism. It takes away feelings of bitterness, impatience, irritability, and aggressiveness.