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Attending concerts has been my favorite activity ever since I was little, my first concert was at the age of 3 and I haven't stopped since so here is my list of do's and don'ts for your future concerts!

Do Show Up Early

If you have assigned seats then showing up 30 minutes early is fine, that gives you extra time to spot out the merch and grab food if needed. If the concert is general admission I would recommend getting to the venue at least an hour beforehand, depending on how big the band is will tell you the earlier you should arrive. This is how I have gotten barricaded so many times!

Do Plan Your Outfit the Night Before

The outfit you wear to the concert is one of the most important things for me, especially for having cute Instagram pictures! Of course, every genre of music has a different style of fashion related to it but the most important thing in any concert outfit is the shoes. Make sure the shoes you pick are comfy, you will be standing a lot!

Don’t Look at Your Phone

The worst thing about concerts is the number of people taking videos of every song on the setlist. When you do this you end up watching the whole concert through your phone. Most importantly do not put the entire concert on your Snapchat story, one or two videos are enough for anyone to know you’re at a concert.

Don’t Shove Yourself

If you see a spot opening up trying to wiggle your way to the front is okay! But if the crowd is clearly full and you push your way to the front just because you think you are entitled to a front spot please don’t do it. This results in people getting mad at you and you will most likely end up farther than you began with.


I hope these Do’s and Don'ts help you with any future concerts you may attend! Hopefully, concerts will be allowed again in the near future!

Hi my name is rebecca and I love music, concerts and all things organization
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