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Cherish your Grandparents

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Utica chapter.

You never really know how big of an impact your grandparents have on you until they’re gone. As you get older, they get older, and their years are slowly counting down. Cherish every second you have with them and realize that you are the center of their world. They have played a huge part in shaping you for who you are today. 

It is quite easy to take your grandparents for granted, it might slip over your head when you’re busy with work and school. So here is a reminder to cherish your grandparents, take them out to eat, just pop in for a nice visit. I am sure they would love even a second to see you and have a quick hug. 

Ask them questions about their past and how they were when they were your age. There will come a day where they’re gone and you’re stuck wondering all of these questions. Remember they have experienced so much more to life than you did. Their stories could really leave a mark on you. 

Cherish the food that they make you, the stories they tell, all the hugs and kisses, all the gifts. They’ve watched you grow and they’re nothing but proud of you. 

I work in a restaurant and all I see are kids on their phones when they are out to eat with their grandparents. Most grandparents still have flip phones, so the last thing they care about is what message is popping up or game is trending. As much as I would love to say something to them, it isn’t my place. If you or your family members do this, please put your phone down and give them your undivided attention because that’s all they really want from you.

I wish I had more time with my grandpa and knew more about my grandma whom I was named after. So if yours are still with you today, hold them a little tighter. 




My name is Josie Sgarlata. I am a Junior at Utica College and I am on the Field Hockey team. My major is Public Relations!
Meet Bianca, I am currently a Junior at Utica College in Utica, NY.  I am a Criminal Justice major with a concentration in Homeland Security.  Crime investigation has always been something that interests me.  I’m dedicated and passionate and it’s hard for me to quit things. I get that from my father so don’t hold it against me- he was a veteran and police officer for 20 years.   Growing up in a family centered around law enforcement has helped guide me in this direction, and I will forever be grateful.  After graduation I intend to continue on to law school where I can further my education in hopes of becoming a criminal defense lawyer and later on a District Attorney.  An interesting fact about myself is that I found the passion to be a criminal defense lawyer from watching the O.J. Simpson case.  The facts and conspiracy theories evoked a whole new passion behind criminal investigation that I intend to use in my future.  One of my most prominent moments in my writing career was when I wrote for an online magazine and had my most prevalent article hit 1.6k shares.  I believe in treating people with the same kind of respect and manners you would expect in return, and in a way it has helped shaped my expectations in life.   When you first meet me I won’t be the loudest in the room or the center of attention, but I will be intently listening to everything you say, for what you have to say may have a purpose. I believe in purpose. I believe that everyone is here to help you grow into who you are today and who you will be tomorrow.