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As a typical child of my generation i’ve adopted the habit of binge watching series on platforms like Hulu and Netflix. Growing up I was never big on movies, instead I watched a lot of shows. People in my life constantly reference childhood movies that I have never seen and are so shocked. As a kid I loved shows like Dragon Tales, Cyberchase, SpongeBob SquarePants etc. Binge watching has become a form of relaxation for me. I get a snack or have a meal while I start watching hours of my current TV show.

Here are some of my recommendations:

  • Criminal Minds, it’s currently at season 14 but it’s worth it!

  • Greys Anatomy, same situation its amazing but at season 15

  • A million little things which is only on Hulu and regular television

  • The Vampire Diaries

  • Power

  • Dynasty

  • Being Mary Jane

  • Greenleaf

  • How To Get Away With Murder

  • Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

  • Grace and Frankie

  • Blue Bloods

  • Imposters

  • Nikita

I could go on and on, I have gone through so many shows I have lost count. When I have free time and nothing else to do I enjoy watching shows. Even while I have on a face mask or decide to take a bubble bath. Hopefully some of my recommendations make it on your list of what you watch next!


Hey everyone, my name is Cristina. I'm a Senior here at Utica College!
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