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A quick fun read for some amazing television shows I’ve found and still actively watch!


  • Little Fires Everywhere

  • A Million Little Things 

  • 9-1-1 and 9-1-1: Loan Star

  • Revenge

  • Grace & Frankie

  • Dynasty

  • Prodigal Son


I could write little descriptions on all of these shows but here’s a list of shows I’m currently up to date on and have variety so I think there’s something in there that anyone would love! I have many more favorites, recently it’s been hard finding new shows because it seems like I’ve gone through everything. I’m currently switching between Lucifer and The Good Place. I love hearing what others watch because I feel like it gives some insight into their personality and likes.

Hey everyone, my name is Cristina. I'm a Senior here at Utica College!
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